The match-maker algorithm

Just like a dating site, Crowdpol can suggest potential connections for you, based on your location, interests, values, and aims. And when you need something specific, like expertise or access to a certain resource, you can put out a request to the network. When someone offers something that can satisfy that request, you will be automatically connected with them. Our match-maker algorithm is always scanning offers and needs, locally and globally, to encourage cooperation and to enable new synergies to emerge.

It’s like Tinder for changemakers.

We are busy building a number of features to help you find the people and resources you need to create the changes you want. It’s fairly simple. When you create your profile you can add a bunch of relevant information about yourself, like what your values and interest are, what skills you have to offer, what kind of projects you’d be keen to be part of as well as when and where you might be available. You can even add any resources you might have lying around that you’d be happy to part with and donate to the right type of project. Or resources that you can bring to the table with your fine self.

What happens next? Well, in the background our little digital helper elves will be busy matching all the projects with all the profiles and if a project shows up that matches your criteria you get “pinged”. From here you can read up on the project and decide if you want to help out or not. If you do, cool, just direct message the project manager and take it from there. If you don’t, equally cool. No one will be looking over your shoulder and tut-tutting at your lack of commitment. That is not how we roll here. Your activity is always private, unless you want to make it public.

Do you have a project and are looking for volunteers? Awesome! We’ll provide you with the basic tools you’ll need to design and post your project. Once you’ve jumped through a few hoops, like defining the purpose of the project, measurable goals, the kind of help you are looking for, any relevant tags and labels to make your project searchable and matchable, your project will be added to our growing database. As our toolbox and database grows more advanced, you’ll be able to see data points on potential contributors to your project in your vicinity even if you will not be able to see any names or reach out to anyone specifically. This will give you an idea of the kind of support is out there and how feasible your project is.

Over time, as you have more projects under your belt, be it as a manager or a contributor, your reputation will grow. The better your reputation, the more likely you are to be selected for the the projects you are interested in participating in and the easier it will become to get others to help you with yours. And the more projects you undertake that are successful, the more likely you are to be able to take on larger and larger projects, backed physically and financially by the network. But all this will happen down the line. First things first. Create a profile and help someone out!

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