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If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need someone else to point out the crises currently defining our democracies, economies, and natural environments. Nor do you need another reminder of just how urgently we need new systems to overcome them. And it probably won’t come as news that, whilst incredibly powerful, the technologies at our fingertips are typically designed and maintained by organisations who care more about making money than making change, however hard their marketing departments try to convince us otherwise. The internet could be a catalyst for the major transformations we believe in, but all too often, it’s just the opposite.

So why are you reading this?

Like you, we’ve been watching and listening to the world in a state of confusion and dismay over the last few years. But we’re optimists, and we believe that we can all do better. And that’s why we built Crowdpol*. Crowdpol is a pro-social** platform, where changemakers from across the globe can work together to tackle the challenges of the century. Whoever you are, whatever you do – if you want to contribute to building new systems, Crowdpol is designed for you. We’re reaching out to let you know about our ‘soft-launch’ on 30th November 2020, and to invite you to sign up for free as one of our first members.

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