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Though it is the ambition of Crowdpol to supply tools rather than rules, a common understanding of how we are to engage with each other in order to achieve the desired results will nevertheless be required. Change making work is emotional work and we are an emotional species, but as such, often let our emotions derail us. Humans are also a social species, in fact this would be our superpower. We are exceptionally good at cooperating and getting impressive tasks done, from building barns to rocket ships. And though these are build with tool, they are also built with rules, and Crowdpol is by no means an exception to this particular rule, as it were.

Pacta sund servanda.”

Latin: Agreements should be kept.

Free speech is crucial if we are to continue on our evolutionary path and retain a modicum of control over the trajectory. To limit free speech is to limit ideas, and to limit ideas is to limit our freedom of self-discovery, both as individuals and as a species. So far, soo good.

Unfortunately, free speech and the spreading of ideas is somewhat of a double edged sword. Some information, especially such information which could cause severe damage to the fabric of our global society, is perhaps best not shared at all. Because such destruction could severely limit the possibilities of us sharing ideas in the future. Quite the dicey problem, as the philosopher might say.

It would probably be a bit presumptuous of us to assume we could do much about this challenge, but at a personal level, we most certainly can. For much as freedom of speech is paramount, it builds on the freedom of each individual to express themselves. One persons freedom of speech ends where it infringes on the freedom of speech of another. In other words, it is not acceptable for me to use my freedom of speech to limit yours.

In practical terms, it is not acceptable to threaten, abuse or in any other way attempt to limit the right  of another to express themselves. Sticks and stones might break your bones, but guess what, threats and abuse can be even more dangerous. Therefore, Crowdpol has ZERO TOLERANCE for this kind of behaviour. It is literary the only thing we will not allow because we cannot allow it.*
Also, in order to maintain integrity in the ecosystem, though you are more than welcome to create and operate under any pseudonym you please, it is not permitted to assume the identity of another or to impersonate someone else in any other way. This is a serious violation of trust and may well constitute a kind of character violation which would be a clear case of personal abuse

The first and foremost rule is thus:

Do not to threaten, attack or in any other way abuse another member on the platform.

If you are ok abiding with this rule, we will most likely get along just fine.

There are, however, a number of recommendations that will improve your chances of getting followers to help you with your cause and maximise your impact or at least not oppose it because they do not like you. Such as:

Treat others with respect even if you disagree with their opinions and conclusions.

Don’t share posts that claim to be facts if you have not first verified them. Actually, don’t share anything as a fact unless you have verified it. With the network based fact checking functions we are building, this is very likely to come back and bite your ass at a later date.

Do not use the platform to advertise products or services. Sharing is caring, but Crowdpol is not a market place. At least not yet. We will be designing a designated area for this in the future, but until we have ironed out the details and procedures, avoid the temptation.

Do not post spam or irrelevant information in ongoing discussions or in a comment. This is just noise. It will clog up the system, is disrespectful of the space and will only cost you followers and be detrimental to your reputation. Trust is the most valuable asset in the game we are playing here and your reputation will be the means by which it is measured.

It is also a good idea to give everyone you interact with the benefit of the doubt and acknowledge that what you might perceive as abuse might not be intended as such. We live in an age where many people will immediately interpret a neutral or innocent comment as a hostile one. If you are offended, you are free to inform your perceived adversary of this, or simply mute them, but bear in mind that feeling offended by something does not necessarily mean you are being attacked.
And in general, do your best to help make this platform a safe and open space where all have the right to be heard and treated respectfully.

To end with some general life advise from author Miguel Angel Ruiz:

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

Not a bad set of rules to live by, and very applicable on Crowdpol.

*Barring whatever legislation is imposed on us depending on where our servers are. We also will not allow ads, corporate sponsorships that come with strings attached, the mining of data and the selling thereof to third parties, but these are separate sets of rules.

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