A real network of networks

The number of serious networks out there on a similar path to ours is impressive and promising. It speaks volumes that so many individuals are seeking each other out in order to connect and create change together. It is even more inspiring to see how many teams are building platforms to assist with this. There is, as Paul Hawken attested well over a decade ago, a transformation taking place at a foundational level in society. Hundred of thousands of local movements for environmental and social justice involving many millions of people across the globe. 

We are simply seeing the metal level of this transition playing out. The need for all these disparate movements to reach out to each other, to find a dynamic coherence in a way that would not have been possible mere decades ago. To act in unison towards common goals without loosing individual momentum. Crowdpol is only one of hundreds of attempts to assist with shaping this cohesion. To provide the tools these movements to coordinate and build the future they agree on.

The adversary, being the current status quo that enriches a few to the detriment of the many, still has all the traditional tools at its service. It is a massive behemoth with vast power and no means to stop its own lumbering path towards environmental destruction. It can reduce entire countries to rubble if it serves its purposes, or use more surgical strikes to assassinate, imprison or exile any leaders whom might challenge it. It also makes use of all the traditional tools to maintain its dominance, such as debt peonage, mass surveillance and conquering through division. This latter point is specifically relevant, but also something we are developing a countermeasure to, to create a shield of unity, as it were.

Simply put, there is no reason for our platform to compete with all the other platforms out there when we could be joining forces. And not by creating a central monolith of our own but instead by freely sharing data between individual networks, contributing to the commons instead of fencing them off. 

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep. “

William James

So this, then, lies at the heart of the interoperability project that Crowdpol is committed to, along with a growing number of partner networks. The core idea of the project that that each individual network stores and shares data using a common protocol, a shared language if you will, that can be accessed by any other network. When fully operational, by creating an account on Crowdpol, you will be able to vote on proposals, join projects, sign petitions and take part of polls that were not even originally posted on Crowdpol. In the same way, members of other networks will be able to access all the open content created on Crowdpol. In principle, it will not make that much difference which platform you use to access this common network. As long as you join one platform you will be able to access all other platforms that are part of the cooperation.

If you like, you can join them all and easily link your profile information on one with all the rest, and then use whichever platform serves your purposes best, depending on what you aim to achieve. Most platforms will have a slightly different focus and will therefore be more suitable in some instances than others. The long term goal is that all platforms merge into one, which will be entirely distributed and self-regulating and will, in effect, consist of millions of individual nodes, one for each member. Each person creating a node will simply drag and drop the features they need and shape their interface into this global networks of ideas and deeds to suit their intents, ambitions and temperament.

But this is still a distant goal. For now, the focus of Crowdpol is to create the most user friendly and effective window into this future world, in order to bring it closer, to bring it into being. Think of us as a browser and a tool of navigation designed to help you find what you need in order to make the changes you want.

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