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Crowdpol is a social platform that provides tools for changemakers, from crowdsourcing ideas to crowdfunding projects, in order for you to be exponentially more effective at making change. Through Crowdpol you will be able to create a profile, list your interests and values, add the skills you want to share and the geographical locations you can do this, so that others can find you and you can find them. Unlike other social platforms, Crowdpol does not spy on you, sell your data or have third-party advertising. We are open source, transparent and funded by our members. We hope you’ll want to become one of us.

How likely is a better world?”

As a species, we have more impact than any other life form on our planet. It is fair to say that we have not been using that power in a sustainable and beneficial way. Certainly not as far as other species go, that are dwindling in numbers unless they provide direct utility to us. Neither do we seem to be doing a very good job of taking care of our own. Certainly, people on average live longer today than a century ago and by and large have more options, but this is only one metric. Despite our technological development and growing affluence, significant numbers of our sisters and brothers are struggling badly. Some are laden with crippling debt, others are struggling by being displaced by wars and natural disasters. Many are severely malnourished and have scarce resources despite the vast wealth that seems to be out there.

There are, as many a scientist has stated, enough resources to take care of everyone’s needs, yet our current distribution system does not seem up to the task. There seems to be some basic design flaw in our current Operating System. At least if its purpose is to deliver the goods of life, liberty and justice for all.

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A new OS for a new age?

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