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Calling all changemakers

You already know this.

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need someone else to point out the crises currently defining our democracies, economies, and natural environments.

Nor do you need another reminder of just how urgently we need new systems to overcome them. And it probably won’t come as news that, whilst incredibly powerful, the technologies at our fingertips are typically designed and maintained by organisations who care more about making money than making change, however hard their marketing departments try to convince us otherwise.

Calling all Changemakers

So why are you reading this?

Like you, we’ve been watching and listening to the world in a state of confusion and dismay over the last few years. But we’re optimists, and we believe that we can all do better. And that’s why we built Crowdpol.

Like you, we’ve been watching and listening to the world in a state of confusion and dismay over the last few years. But we’re optimists, and we believe that we can all do better. And that’s why we built Crowdpol. Crowdpol is a pro-social platform, where changemakers from across the globe can work together to tackle the challenges of the century. Whoever you are, whatever you do – if you want to contribute to building new systems, Crowdpol is designed for you.

Crowdpol is designing an ‘altruistic wallet’, through which the platform’s users get to decide how and where to deploy any surplus generated from membership fees.

The red button feature is at the heart of Crowdpol. Pressing the button will lead you into a step-by-step process for launching impactful collaborative projects.

Liquid democracy blends the best of both worlds. If there is an individual or organisation you trust, you can give them the right to vote in your stead.

So often online, healthy debate turns into all-out war with deeper entrenched positions as a result. Our deliberative tools are designed to focus on allowing consensus to emerge through constructive dialogue.

Calling all changemakers

Why should you sign up to Crowdpol?

Crowdpol is developing a suite of powerful tools to facilitate collaboration, incubate new forms of democratic participation and exchange, and connect you in new ways to the people and resources that can help turn your ideas into action. Some of these tools are up-and-running already, but the most powerful ones still need tweaking, and will be released in the coming weeks and months.

Crowdpol also has many of the features you’d expect to see on any other social networking site, except unlike them, we don’t mine and sell your data or use secret algorithms to nudge you in the interests of the highest bidder. Also, we don’t allow advertising on our website, so every pixel of the screen is dedicated to making change. We’re not-for-profit, open-source, and we’re implementing a community ownership model, so that our users – people like you – are always in control.

Crowdpol is designed to allow users to create their own, fully autonomous communities. Such communities can set their own rules and more, but are ‘federated’ within our ecosystem.

Our searchable map interface will allow you to smoothly locate the people, projects and best practices you are looking for. We are working with a team of master map-makers with the goal to pool and link open data around the whole world.

Just like a dating site, Crowdpol can suggest potential connections, projects and other collaborations for you, based on your location, interests, values, and aims.

That which we share, we share. That which we want to keep private, we keep private. Crowdpol does not mine or sell your data or manipulate through secret algorithms. We are committed to open processes and open books. Plus we will not even store your private data, you do that yourself.

Calling all changemakers

What about fees?

For now, our platform is free to join. In the long-run, users will be invited to pay a small monthly fee for extra services, or just to support the platform.

We are also considering brokerage fees on goods and services provided through the platform. But acknowledging that our earliest users won’t benefit from the fullness of an active community while many of our features are still being developed, we’re extending you an invite to join for free.

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Calling more changemakers

Who made Crowpdol?

Crowdpol is developed by Social Systems Labs, a social enterprise in South Africa, and is currently under the custodianship of Syntropi, a Swedish NGO.

The project counts among its dedicated supporters veteran activists, world-leading academics, visionary entrepreneurs, progressive donors, and expert technologists, designers, engineers, and managers, in a team spanning five continents.


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Calling more changemakers

A call for collaboration

Would you like to help us build this network? We are always on the lookout for new co-creators. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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